ŞENER BESIM believes the energy that arises from creative collaboration is a positive asset to its brand, and that of its partners. Working with Rem Koolhaas’ Office for Metropolitan Architecture, a tentacular steel display unit was devised, inspired by classical Ottoman chandeliers. The display unit was unveiled at the ŞENER BESIM launch at Just One Eye, Los Angeles, alongside artworks by Damien Hirst.

Andrew van der Westhuzen

The film was created to speak to the sci-fi minimalism of the label, with a strong focus on the attention to detail and high-end materials used throughout the hand-made crafting process. The fully CG approach allowed for the expression of some impossible, gravity defying moments where space and time no longer seem to run in parallel.

View the film here.

Bill Henson

In 2018 ŞENER BESIM collaborated with acclaimed fine arts photographer Bill Henson whose photographs are an exploration of the brand’s essence with respect to the Ottoman era, stillness and the metaphysical.