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ŞENER BESIM is an Australian-born, Melbourne-based, internationally renowned designer.

His experience growing up in Australia is typical of second-generation immigrants everywhere. Of neither one place nor another, culturally, spiritually and intellectually he was a go-between.

“An immigrant’s vision shifts between a sense of estrangement from the surrounding environment and a need to attain a productive standpoint; the making of objects, situations and memories generates a new, unexpected dynamic. In this way, I still try to consider myself an immigrant.”

ŞENER BESIM's work explores extreme luxury with a heightened sense of conscionable creation. Objects and sculptures hand-crafted with care to a meticulous finish, each unique piece is destined to be worn by discerning women – and men –with passions that encompass the visual arts and architecture, style and design.

Each Ottoman-inspired yet minimalist piece is designed to evoke values of quietness and equilibrium whilst remaining committed to sustainable, ethical and socially responsible practices

In 2018 ŞENER BESIM debuted a Fine jewellery collection as part of the expansion of the luxury brand, at Parlour X (Sydney). Each piece is crafted in 18ct gold or sterling silver and often features turquoise or onyx crystal details. Inspired by Ottoman architecture and Modernist sculpture, the pieces are in the moment but still timeless; each piece celebrating the qualities of perfect geometry, a restrained sense of exuberance and sophisticated stillness.

The ŞENER BESIM Eyewear portfolio is comprised of multiple but related eyewear models. Like links in a chain they tell a tale of integrity, complexity and proportion. Architectonic, delicately ornamented and technologically pure, they are the ultimate in face embellishment.

‘The concept of ‘framing space’ purposefully harnesses the power of Ottoman and Byzantine aesthetics in architecture. These ancient methods mastered the technique of building vast inner spaces confined by seemingly weightless yet large-scale domes and achieving perfect harmony between the internal and external’.