Knitwear Release 03

Knitwear Release 03

The essential next chapter in the expansion of the ŞENER BESIM Luxury Knitwear Collection.

Made in Italy with the finest of yarns, each piece has been carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail, from the selection of the textiles to the finishing touches featuring sensual cut-outs, elegant draping, and contemporary details.

Release 03 is divided into two categories, separate but connected:



Part 1 - The Seamless Rib Knit is the newest interpretation of luxury knitwear from ŞENER BESIM, featuring a lightweight semi-sheer stretch blend, with a distinct ribbed construction and a highly technical seamless finish for a form-fluid fit.



Part 2 - The Chiffon Knit, a continuation of the timeless aesthetic first presented in the original release, Drop 1. With their bold, clean-cut silhouettes and architectural details, these pieces bridge the divide between classic and contemporary.

Continuing our journey to find the balance between luxury and mindfulness, this natural development of the ready-to-wear category is an exciting and long-awaited step for ŞENER BESIM. We invite you to build your wardrobe with the confidence, style, and longevity so often hard to find in today’s fast-paced fashion cycle.

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