ŞENER BESIM (pronounced shen-ner) is an Australian-born, Melbourne-based, internationally renowned designer.

His experience growing up in Australia is typical of second-generation immigrants everywhere. Of neither one place nor another, culturally, spiritually and intellectually he was a go-between.

“An immigrant’s vision shifts between a sense of estrangement from the surrounding environment and a need to attain a productive standpoint; the making of objects, situations and memories generates a new, unexpected dynamic. In this way, I still try to consider myself an immigrant.”

Sener Besim Fine Jewellery & Eyewear merges extreme luxury with a heightened sense of conscionable creation. Hand-crafted with care to a meticulous finish, each unique piece is destined to be worn by discerning women – and men –with passions that encompass the visual arts and architecture, style and design.

Each Ottoman-inspired yet minimalist piece is designed to evoke values of quietness and equilibrium.