ŞENER BESIM (pronounced shen-ner) is an Australian-born, Melbourne-based, internationally renowned designer.

His experience growing up in Australia is typical of second-generation immigrants everywhere. Of neither one place nor another, culturally, spiritually and intellectually he was a go-between.

“An immigrant’s vision shifts between a sense of estrangement from the surrounding environment and a need to attain a productive standpoint; the making of objects, situations and memories generates a new, unexpected dynamic. In this way, I still try to consider myself an immigrant.”

Sener Besim Fine Jewellery & Eyewear merges extreme luxury with a heightened sense of conscionable creation. Hand-crafted with care to a meticulous finish, each unique piece is destined to be worn by discerning women – and men –with passions that encompass the visual arts and architecture, style and design.

Each Ottoman-inspired yet minimalist piece is designed to evoke values of quietness and equilibrium.



The engineering prowess of 14th and 15th century Ottoman architects produced some of the world’s most inspiring structures; buildings spiritual in symmetry and massive in impact. Majestic domes, curvilinear forms, evocative motifs – all exist in a delicate balance of exuberance and restraint.


Attaining maximum impact with reduced embellishment is at the heart of the Minimalist mission, be that in architecture, poetry, music or art. Innovation based on technical excellence in engineering, materials and process leads to objects and accessories embodying clarity of vision.


With distraction a constant in daily life, stillness is about focusing on the essential, being in the moment. Contemplative, meditative, transformative – the Sener Besim brand is sited at the convergence of the metaphysical and the futuristic. Intricately cut crystal, black diamond or turquoise grace notes allude to a quiet, introspective spirituality that belies the bold, extroverted aspect of the designs.