ŞENER BESIM is an Australian-born, Melbourne-based, internationally renowned designer.

His experience growing up in Australia is typical of second- generation immigrants everywhere. Of neither one place nor another, culturally, spiritually & intellectually he was a go- between.

“An immigrant’s vision shifts between a sense of estrangement from the surrounding environment & a need to attain a productive standpoint; the making of objects, situations & memories generates a new, unexpected dynamic. In this way, I still try to consider myself an immigrant.”

With decades of experience in the luxury industry, ŞENER BESIM has used his immense experience, knowledge, & natural capacity for design, to create a brand true to his most authentic self. Finding inspiration in his heritage, architecture, & the metaphysical, each piece is designed to evoke the values of quietness & equilibrium whilst remaining committed to sustainable, ethical, & socially responsible practices.

“I am drawn to luxury products that exist outside of trends, pieces that sit at the edge of fashion”.